Our Supporters

First off, we’d like to thank our community. Everyone that has taken a class, hosted at their location, or rooted from the sidelines, we truly appreciate each of you.

To our volunteers, who are amazing and so very valued. You are such an integral part of what we do!

Since we received our non-profit status, June 2014, we have been fortunate enough to have been gifted with several grants that have enabled us to purchase art supplies, host art camps, and provide scholarships for youth to attend art classes. We have also had the privilege to collaborate with many schools within our community providing classroom art enrichment, after school enrichment, classroom canvas painting events, exhibitions, and family art nights! We are grateful beyond words for this opportunity!



Baskin Robbins in Grass Valley has been a huge supporter of youth art within our community. They donate coupons for us to hand out to students and they also provide a wonderful exhibit space! Stop by and get a scoop while you admire masterpieces by local mini-artists.

 Baskin Robbins

Special thanks to Nate Anglin for some of the awesome photography on our website!

Speaking of website, thanks to Spier Media for all your assistance with ours!

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